Intern Diary: Meet Tony


Hi, my name is Tony Jin. I am an incoming Sophomore at Princeton University, where I study electrical engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and watching a smattering of shows. Sherlock and HIMYM can each be a major time-sink. “Major Time-sink!”

I first heard of Spire through Rock Health, an SF-based incubator with a focus on healthcare. Like Radhika, I also wanted to spend my time at a startup, where my work could make an impact. Though I had looked at other companies, Spire appealed most to me because of its integration of hardware and software. I enjoy programming, but I chose to study ELE— Princeton uses 3-letter acronyms— because of its hands-on aspect and ability to interact with the physical world.

Spire has certainly exceeded all of my expectations, and each day brings new challenges and things to learn. Over my past three weeks, I have bounced between profiling wireless chargers, building parts of the website, developing an iPhone app, and most recently designing an analog filter. The early morning wakeup and commute is a struggle for someone who had 11AM classes, but certainly worth the rewarding work with a team of such incredible people.

Anyways, that’s me in a nutshell. Be sure to check out the next post. It’s sure to be legen— wait for it…