‘Tis the season to Flex your Gratitude Muscle

Being grateful creates positive outcomes, and science has my back on this one!

Countless studies show that people who consistently make an effort to be more grateful are happier, more optimistic, feel more socially connected and even sleep better than those who don’t. And if that’s not enough to have you jumping on the gratitude train, happier people perform better at work, make more money and basically run the world.

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You’re Thankful for What??!

Do you enter November vowing to take more notice of all the things you have in life so when Thanksgiving comes around, you can rattle off an impressive list when everyone goes around the family table (you do this, right?) and recites what they’re grateful for? Family, friends, good health, your country, freedoms, nice home, car, clothing, jewelry, an abundance of food (Jenny Craig, get ready!) and so much more.

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