Today We Took a Deep Breath and Pushed the Button

4 years, 74 prototypes, 8 apps, and about 1 million breaths analyzed, we are proud to make Spire available to the world. Today we started taking pre-orders for Spire, the first activity tracker to measure breathing and state of mind.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire Spire team in San Francisco and Beijing for their hard work, and to our team’s families for their love and support.

As we mentioned just the other day, we started cutting steel on fabricating the Spire hardware – a long journey from when Spire was a germ of an idea in Neema’s brain on a bus ride in Laos.

Beyond the intricacies of hardware design, many years of research have gone into the analysis and understanding of breath data. We had a lot of work to do to capture the signal, make sense of the stream, and make it understandable and actionable for the end user.

We were ready, and we knew it. It was time to take pre-orders. And so, we’re pleased and proud to mark this milestone in Spire development. To our early supporters and testing guinea pigs, thank you for being a part of our story.

You can read more about our launch in the press release. In it, we describe the core of the Spire experience, making a consumer device that:

  • is more useful for people throughout the day, whether they are active or still
  • gives people easy access to know and understand their state of mind, and
  • make a physical product that looks great on the body and on your nightstand

We’d love to hear from you, you can reach us at or on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest.



Neema and Jonathan

Start Cutting Steel

Today we hit one of the huge milestones for a hardware company: we started making the production molds for our product. Essentially, this means we have begun setting up our manufacturing assembly line. There is no going back now!

This is the reason we’ll start taking pre-orders on June 17th: we know how, when, and for how much we can make each Spire. We don’t believe in selling a product we aren’t 100% sure we can make.

Going from a prototype design to a design that passes DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is one of the most difficult steps for a new hardware products. Every tiny little detail that you were able to overlook in the prototype stage – from a screw not fitting in exactly the right angle, to how the battery is fastened down, to an angle in our industrial design that is impossible to mold – comes back to bite you when doing DFM. Spire was no exception.

We’re confident we’ve got it right. Over the next six weeks our molding partner is going to take a few large blocks of steel and begin carefully carving – using a precise computer controlled drill – the shape of Spire. These will become the molds.

Each Spire has over 120 components in its tiny stone and we went through over 80 design iterations to pass DFM – carefully and intentionally figuring out where each component fits, how we will assemble them in place and what will provide the best user experience.

However, I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve managed to do this without compromising on our vision for functionality, user experience, and design. We still have beautifully designed parametric curves throughout, we have the most advanced sensor package with wireless charging, and a gorgeous medical grade stainless steel clip.

The team and I couldn’t be more excited for what tomorrow, and the next 6 weeks, will hold. Thanks for sharing our journey with us.



static.squarespace-1   Jonathan Palley is cofounder and CEO of Spire. You can follow him on Twitter @JPalley.

Spire’s Launch: The First 48hrs

static.squarespace-2 Spire launched a bit over 48 hours ago. We set out to sell 500 pre-orders within the first week. We hit 500 within the first few hours. So – with much excitement – we’ve re-calibrated to a stretch goal of 5k within the first two months. While friends, family, and our mailing list helped drive initial sales, there were two far larger drivers:

  • The fantastic media coverage we received (see our Press page)
  • Referrals from Spire customers

We’ve been fortunate to have great customers spreading the word about Spire – the team is blown by all of your support.  Thank you all! Along with the coverage and pre-orders came a few questions.  Let’s address them: 1) Why did we launch pre-orders on our own site, as opposed to a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter? 2) What’s next for Spire? 3) Will there be Android support? 😉

Self-starter vs. Kickstarter

We quickly learned that Spire’s perspective on tracking was completely novel.  In talking to users and influencers, we realized that if we spent enough time – say 20mins – explaining and demo’ing the product, people would fall in love with it. But 20 minutes is way too long in the internet age. We needed the freedom to experiment and iterate with how we tell our story. We also wanted to be able to add demonstrations of Spire in action.  By launching on our own website we gave ourselves this opportunity.

The Road Ahead

We’ve got lots of stories, lots of data, and lots of ways that Spire helps make our lives better. Over the coming months, we’ll be telling those stories – showing what Spire’s technology, and what the science of breathing that lies behind Spire, can do. We’ll also be documenting our amazing and diverse team as they bring a complex product to market. From email apnea to manufacturing cork – stay tuned for some exciting insights and learnings.

Oh, Android.

We love open, so we are launching an open API for Day 0. We love choice, so we are building a device that encourage you to choose what being “healthy” means to you.  And yes, many of us love Android.  But, as a young company we need to stay focused, and that means making one amazing app on one platform.  So, iOS it is.  For now.  When we’ve nailed iOS we will port it over to Android. Sincerely, Jonathan

Hello, World!


For the last two years, our team has been building technology that puts the human experience – in all its randomness and unpredictability, its laughter and tears, its joy and sorrow – at its center. We have been building a company that brings us closer to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth, in ways unimaginable a few years ago.

It was in this mindset that we created Spire, a device that, for the first time, captures your breathing patterns – signals that reveal that same laughter and tears, that same joy and sorrow – throughout your day, and makes them meaningful and actionable.

How much focus did you have today? How balanced has your week been so far? More importantly, how aware are you of the changes your mind takes throughout the day? Most importantly, how capable are you of shifting your state of mind to reach your health and productivity goals?

What would this kind of shift mean for your health, your work, your communication, your creativity, and your experience of life?

These questions drive our team at Spire every day (and often night).  They drive us to ensure Spire delivers genuine value in your daily life. They drive us to get the details right – to make it simple to use Spire (and your breath) to have more focus and balance in your day.

We are excited to be bringing to life something we’ve been working on for a very long time. We have learned a great deal and are excited to share this journey with you – to hear from you, to discuss with you, and to use your feedback to improve Spire.

Stay tuned.

– The Spire Team