Intern Diary: Meet Amédée

Hey guys, this is Amédée, the data science intern at Spire. I’m a CS undergrad at McGill.

I started two months ago, and have been loving my time at Spire! There are many interesting uses of data here. My job is to collect and analyze data, which is really vague, so in this post I’ll show you some of the things I get to do at Spire.

My first month I designed this test rig:


We used it to compare the device to our algorithms.

I brought in 25 people individually and had them do the same things while wearing the mask, so we could build a database of what the signal looked like under certain conditions. The second month included data cleaning and building some tools to look at our algorithms with this data. Now I’m helping out with core algorithms and investigating new ones.

Last week I worked on step counting. It’s simple to detect a step, but the hard part is to be impervious to fidgeting and other motions.

While at Spire, I’ve changed batteries in prototypes, jerry-rigged old versions of Spire together, asked people what they think of the app, given input on re-archictecturing the data pipeline, and proposed several new algorithms.

The power of breath hasn’t led me to marry a beautiful woman, but it did lead me to get a good night’s sleep. I started meditating one night when I couldn’t fall asleep. I gave up on trying to force myself to sleep and just started focusing on my breath. I got very relaxed and had an amazing night of refreshing sleep! That hooked me. I went on to read about yogis who could stop their hearts, or change their body temperatures whenever they wanted. Now I meditate every day, not because I want to stop my heart, but because it makes me a lot healthier.

I’m having a great summer at Spire, stay tuned for more summer intern stories!

Intern Diary: Meet Tony


Hi, my name is Tony Jin. I am an incoming Sophomore at Princeton University, where I study electrical engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and watching a smattering of shows. Sherlock and HIMYM can each be a major time-sink. “Major Time-sink!”

I first heard of Spire through Rock Health, an SF-based incubator with a focus on healthcare. Like Radhika, I also wanted to spend my time at a startup, where my work could make an impact. Though I had looked at other companies, Spire appealed most to me because of its integration of hardware and software. I enjoy programming, but I chose to study ELE— Princeton uses 3-letter acronyms— because of its hands-on aspect and ability to interact with the physical world.

Spire has certainly exceeded all of my expectations, and each day brings new challenges and things to learn. Over my past three weeks, I have bounced between profiling wireless chargers, building parts of the website, developing an iPhone app, and most recently designing an analog filter. The early morning wakeup and commute is a struggle for someone who had 11AM classes, but certainly worth the rewarding work with a team of such incredible people.

Anyways, that’s me in a nutshell. Be sure to check out the next post. It’s sure to be legen— wait for it…

Intern Diary: Meet Radhika

Hey Guys! My name is Radhika Agarwal. I am a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis, studying Systems Engineering with minors in Biomedical Physics and Robotics.

radhika1I’m thrilled to be working at Spire this summer! Working at an up-and-coming tech startup has always been a dream of mine. There were many reasons I was drawn to Spire, but my favorite things about working here so far are my awesome and passionate colleagues, and the opportunity to work on many different projects – whether they’re engineering-related projects or projects in areas I’ve never explored before.

This week alone, I’ve been involved in about 6 separate projects – engineering builds, force testing, material testing, sourcing materials, optimizing metal plating processes, and applying for certifications – and it’s only Thursday as I write this.

Although joining work during launch week meant my first week at work was a bit crazier than most, I love the excitement and intensity of the environment and am really looking forward to a summer of learning and fun. I’m excited to be helping make Spire the best device it can be.

My fellow interns and I will be maintaining an intern diary this summer, giving you an inside look behind the scenes at Spire. Stay tuned for more.