Why Do I Hold My Breath? 10 Reasons You May Be Waiting With Bated Breath

Breathing a funny thing. Most of the time, it’s completely unconscious. Even when you are knocked out, you can count on your body to continue breathing steadily. We can summon our authority and cause our bodies to stop breathing. Yet, in other situations, our body will assert its authority over us and cause our breath to completely stop. What’s the deal here? Have you ever asked yourself “why do I hold my breath”?

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Mind Over Matter: What To Do About Mind Chatter

During my quiet, contemplative states, I laugh at losing my temper at those external sounds (bird’s squawking, gardener’s equipment, car’s honking, children’s laughter, etc) which I blame for pulling me out of my meditation. More often than not it’s my own mind chatter that’s intrusive. However, shushing it or willing it to “Shut up!” is akin to telling myself not to think about pink elephants.

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3 Things We Discovered While Making the Spire Apple Watch App

For the past few months we’ve been working on an App for Apple Watch. As a “wearable” that focused on tracking the 85% of your day when you are not moving and isn’t worn on the wrist, Spire is a perfect complement to the Apple Watch’s functionality.

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Spire app update: Greater stability, Adjust streaks, Charging UI

We’re pleased to announce version 1.6 of the Spire iPhone app – download it on the App Store.


Improved bluetooth stability

  • We’ve fixed a number of rare conditions under which Spire would not properly reconnect to your phone. The totality of these fixes translates into one thing: much more reliable and complete data from your Spire device.

Streak adjustment and feedback

  • Edit streaks on the timeline/home view.
  • Tap a streak card then tap “Report streak” on the back to correct inaccurate streaks. The boo-boo will be reported to Spire HQ.
  • Any comments you add to the report will be used to make our algorithms leaner, meaner, and most important, more accurate.

Charging status light changes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Spire from reaching a full charge when on the charger all night.
  • Fixed an issue where the stone would sometimes vibrate randomly while on the charger.
  • Stone stays cooler while charging.
  • The stone’s charging LED now continuously indicates charge status when the stone is on the charger. A pulsing, breathing LED pattern indicates it is charging. A solid LED indicates your Spire is fully charged.
  • The stone’s LED intensity has been reduced to avoid lighting up dark rooms.

Additional application features

  • Spire now collects rough location information throughout the user’s day so we can deliver better insights. This can be disabled in settings.
  • Added more diagnostics information on the phone. This can be uploaded to Spire HQ via the “Upload Logs” option in Debug Settings.
  • Added informational screens before requesting opt-in for HealthKit and Location Services access.
  • Made the network link more robust when communicating with Spire HQ.
  • Spire no longer supports call notification — it was not working reliably. We’ll bring it back soon.
  • Steps are now tracked in HealthKit.
  • Last but certainly not least, your breathwave is now shown by default on the Home screen.

Photo: James Wheeler