How to Breathe Better for Focus & Calm

With distractions coming at us from every direction on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why many of us have difficulty staying focused and getting things accomplished efficiently. That’s when stress really kicks in and we forget even the most basic, important tasks like proper breathing. Unfortunately, stressful situations are usually when we should focus on our breathing methods and use our breath to help us focus and relieve stress. Bad breathing habits are a detriment to everyday performance.

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How to Stay Calm at Work: 5 Lessons for Reclaiming Peace of Mind in the Workplace

Looming deadlines.

Endless to-do lists.

Conflicts with colleagues.

Late nights worrying about that next promotion.

Whether we love or loathe our jobs, these experiences are common among working people. According to a 1999 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) publication titled Stress…At Work, 40% of workers reported their jobs to be very or extremely stressful and 25% of workers viewed their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. These numbers demonstrate that staying calm at work has become a major challenge.

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Mind Over Matter: What To Do About Mind Chatter

During my quiet, contemplative states, I laugh at losing my temper at those external sounds (bird’s squawking, gardener’s equipment, car’s honking, children’s laughter, etc) which I blame for pulling me out of my meditation. More often than not it’s my own mind chatter that’s intrusive. However, shushing it or willing it to “Shut up!” is akin to telling myself not to think about pink elephants.

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What is Stress Without Anxiety? Focus.

Update July 2015: We have released a free email course detailing the Hourglass Workday – a method for increasing focus, mindfulness, and productivity. Click here to see the lesson plan and learn more about the Hourglass Workday.

This is the second in a series of posts about how Spire is able to identify different states of mind, surfaced as streaks in the Spire app. You can also read Part 1 of the series, Calm. 

After interviewing dozens of people across different walks of life, the Spire team found people enjoy the right kind of stress for the right amount of time. This is why Spire is not a ‘stress-reduction’ tool rather – it encourages the harnessing of stress to focus, solve problems, and bring our ideas to life.

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