Your Practical Guide to Mindful Eating

Think about the last good meal you had.

Did you savor each bite? Or was it gone in two seconds? Were you really present during that meal?

Often we finish our meals in a hurry because we’ve got another meeting coming up or we’re distracted by good company. You might even find yourself eating by yourself with your thoughts completely elsewhere.

While we can appreciate the taste, health benefits, and even appearance of our food; most of us don’t really pay attention to how we eat our meals.

However, it can be just as important and beneficial to be truly mindful of our eating habits.

The practice of mindfulness is simply to practice bringing your whole attention to the present moment. You can practice mindfulness through meditation or breathing, and now you can also bring mindfulness to eating. Read more

Make Healthy Eating a Reality

The new year is here. Now that schedules have resumed and life is back to normal, you may be doubting your resolutions. Feel like you’ve already fallen off the nutritional bandwagon? Are you overwhelmed or discouraged? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Eating healthier is not simple and doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a mindful practice around health and nutrition is the key to better health overall.

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