Tired But Can’t Sleep? Read This.

At the end of a long day, when you put your head down on your pillow, you expect that you should be able to fall asleep instantly. But for you, things aren’t so simple. Although you may feel tired, you continue to have trouble sleeping, sometimes for hours into the night. Is this just a case of restlessness or do you have something more serious, like a sleep disorder? Read more

How to Fall Asleep Instantly: Five Tricks to Train Your Mind to Sleep

Many of us have probably experienced the terrible feeling of going to bed after a tiring day and finding ourselves unable to fall asleep. Instead of a good night of sleep, we are faced with a frustrating feeling of restlessness, even if our bodies are exhausted.

It’s disheartening because we all know the importance of sleep. Not getting enough of it means we’ll have little to no energy to tackle the problems of the next day.

Yet 40 percent of Americans report that they suffer from poor sleep. Read more

How to Fall Asleep Faster: 9 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep

Get more sleep — a goal that’s on everyone’s to-do list. And after a busy, fulfilling day, it shouldn’t be so hard to fall asleep.

But many of us find a good night of restful sleep elusive. Read more

How to Make Yourself Sleepy: Try These Relaxation Methods

After a long day, we all look forward to getting into bed and heading off to dreamland. We need sleep for our health — it gives our minds and bodies a chance to recover and reset.

Some people can fall asleep with no problem.

But for others, falling asleep quickly is very hard to do. Read more

What Do When You Can’t Sleep: The Perfect Bedtime Routine

You’ve been up for hours counting sheep yet you can’t seem to fall asleep. The night slowly slips by until you are forced to awaken in the morning, exhausted and frustrated. If you’re here now, you’ve decided that enough is enough. Read more

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Guided Meditations For Sleep Tonight

There’s nothing worse than having to lurch through the day in a haze of tiredness. But it’s an experience that many Americans are all too familiar with.

The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly 50 percent of adults do not receive the minimum recommended seven hours of sleep. It’s even worse for teenagers — fewer than 25 percent of teens receive the recommended eight hours of sleep a day. Nearly half of all men and women have trouble falling asleep. Read more

The Health Problems Caused by Sleeping Too Much

Sleep is one of the most important functions of our daily lives. It contributes to our mental health and physical well-being. Not getting enough sleep is problematic. But it turns out that long sleepers need to be careful too. Longer sleep doesn’t necessarily mean fewer health problems. Read more

Everything You Need to Do For a Night of Restful Sleep

Ask almost any person how they’re feeling and they’ll most likely answer “I’m tired.” As many as 76 percent of the working population feels tired throughout the week. Why is it that so many of us struggle to get through the day? Read more

The Four Sleep Stages: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Improve Them

In general, we tend to think of sleep as a binary: you’re either asleep or you’re awake. Yet the reality is far more complex and fascinating. Sleep consists of four distinct phases, all of which are essential to short-term energy and long-term health.

In this post, we’ll take a look at each of the stages, examine how they affect your health and explore ways that you can optimize each stage of sleep in order to improve your overall health and well-being.

Read more

How to Gain Self-Control in 4 Steps

We all struggle with self-control at times. Resisting an urge to act on an impulse or deciding to not follow through on a craving is tough. When we’re hungry, it’s easier to reach for the most convenient or tastiest snack instead of the healthier option. When we’re tired, it’s easy to give up on tasks and procrastinate instead of powering through to accomplish a task. When our willpower is depleted, self-control is out of reach. Read more