Meet the Spire Health Tag: The Easiest Way to Improve Your Health

Dear Spire Community,

We’re excited to finally announce what we’ve been working on since, well, we started the company.

Meet the Spire Health Tag: world’s first invisible wearable and the easiest way to improve your health.

Expanding on the research and technology from our original Spire Stone, the Health Tag is packaged into a tiny, breakthrough design that makes your existing clothes smart, no charging required.

The Health Tag provides the most comprehensive health monitoring, including activity, heart rate, and respiration, to help you:

  • Sleep better
  • Reduce stress
  • Stay more active

Health Tags come in a pack that can be applied to all of the clothes you wear most (underwear, bras, pajamas, exercise gear, etc.) They have a 1.5-year battery life and are washer/dryer safe, so you can put them on once and forget about them.

Orders yours at a special, early discounted rate at