The 8 Types of Grief and How to Overcome Them

At some point in our lives, we will be stricken by grief from losing a loved one.

Whether it is for a family member, a pet, a dear friend, or even a person whom we admire, grief affects us all at some point. You can also experience grief when you lose not just someone, but something you love and value. It is a human emotion which is shared among everyone yet experienced differently by each individual. Read more

Help Reduce Pain with These Meditations

The National Institute of Health reports that 25 million American adults suffer from pain daily. This pain can can range from brief to long lasting, and minor to severe. Additionally, some 40 million Americans suffer sever pain on a regular basis.

Pain not only hurts, but can also have a deep impact on your everyday life.

Severe pain, whether in the form of migraines or bodily pain, can cause you to miss work and other important events in your life. For those suffering with chronic pain, the impact is even worse. While aspirin and prescription medications are viable options to combat pain, many are turning to complementary health services like yoga, massages, and meditation to help manage their pain on a daily level.

Those who wonder if meditation for pain actually works are in for a pleasant surprise.

Meditation has been recommended as a way to manage pain for numerous ailments, such as migraines, back pain, and chronic pain.

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