Mindfulness Weekly Review: Sunny City and Strange Meditation

Men’s Journal, How mindfulness meditation can cure disease

Shauna Shapiro talks about her experience using mindfulness meditation to help improve physical health.

Fox News Health, Mindful enjoyment of Halloween chocolate may improve mood

Turns out, if you take your time to eat your Halloween chocolate, as opposed to having it all in one go, you’ll feel more enjoyment from it.

The Guardian UK, Close your eyes and breath: schools sign up to mindfulness

Read up on mindfulness in UK elementary schools.

Reuters, ‘Dr. Strange’ cast inspired by teaching from Buddhist monk on set

Hear Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton speak about how mindfulness was used on the set of ‘Dr. Strange.’

Observer, This is what a mindfulness festival looks like

Check out this mindfulness festival in Miami.

Cultured Vultures, What I’ve learned from one year of mindfulness

Alex Gerard Black writes about his experience after practicing mindfulness for a year.

Mindfulness Weekly Review: Cookie Monster and A Mindful Check-In

Collective Evolution, An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn how mindfulness and meditation help you find yourself minus the Ego. 

LifeHacker, Practice Mindfulness with a Daily Check-in 

Three good questions to ask yourself on the daily. 

KQED, Mindfulness and Man’s Best Friend

A dog owner talks about how his dog has brought mindfulness into his life. 

The British Psychological Society, This is what eight weeks of mindfulness training does to your brain

Early research on how the brain changes when people begin to practice mindfulness. 

LifeHacker, The Effects of Four Different Types of Meditations 

A list of four different meditations and their goals. 

Medical Daily, Mindfulness Meditation to Tai Chi: How to Meditate and the Best Meditation Technique for You

Insightful info graph on different meditation and their benefits so you can choose which is the best for you. 

Mindfulness Weekly Review: Rainy Days and Sir Richard Branson

Philly Voice, Mindfulness card games: nurturing compassion and peace in our families

In depth look at PeaceMakers, a card game for the whole family to play and learn mindfulness. Also includes an interview with the creator, Suzanne Tucker.

Fox News Health, Meditation linked to lowered stress in prison inmates

When used as the only form of treatment in anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance, transcendental meditation helped prison inmates reduce those negative issues.

The Ticker Tape, Practicing mindful trading and overcoming automatic bad decisions

If you trade on the stock market, learn how to use mindfulness to make better trade decisions.

Huffington Post, Cancer care and the four C’s of mindfulness

Learn how mindfulness can help when we are faced with a difficult health diagnosis.

Mirror UK, Sir Richard Branson admits he practices mindfulness as he shares tips for positive mental health

Want to be as amazing as Sir Richard Branson? Practice mindfulness!

PsychCentral Blog, 5 ways to teach a child to be mindful during an ordinary day

These are some good, easy ways to introduce mindfulness to children.

Shape, Why meditation is the secret to younger, healthier skin

Find out how meditation could help you have better skin.

Mindfulness Weekly Review: Ferris Quote and Saving Money

Time, How Mindfulness Can Save You Money

Claudia Hammond goes over a few key points from her book, Mind over Money: The Psychology of Money and How to Better Use It, about mindful financial spending.

 ABC News, How Fashion Icon Eileen Fisher Brought Mindfulness Into Business With Huge Success

A summary and video of Eileen Fisher on the ABC News Dan Harris podcast, “10% Happier.”

Shape, Why Kinky Sex Can Make You More Mindful

The American Psychological Association published a study on BDSM leading to states of altered consciousness.

LifeHacker, 15 Ways to Teach Mindfulness and Patience to Children

Nice infograph for teaching children mindfulness. You can use it for yourself as well! 😉

Wired UK, Feeling Anxious? Scans Suggest 20 mins. of Meditation Could Improve Your Life

A Michigan State University clinical study has provided results that suggest meditation can help people deal better with their emotions.

The Atlantic, The Disproportionate Stress Plaguing American Teachers

Not about mindfulness, but an insightful read on how stress can affect teachers and the American education system.


Mindfulness Weekly Review: Mission Mandala and Meta Mindfulness

WebMD, “Mindfulness” Approach Could Help You Stay Slim

Acceptance-based behavioral therapy uses mindfulness to help people loose weight.

Yahoo, This School Replaced Detention with Meditation and the Results Are Impressive

A Baltimore elementary school introduced a meditation room for students to visit instead of detention.

UCLA, Mindfulness helps children as young as 3 manage their emotions during school

UCLA trains LA area teachers to lead mindfulness exercises during the school day with tremendous results.

The Atlantic, How to be mindful while reading mindfulness articles

Meta. Funny article about mindfulness articles. (Mindfulness should help you disconnect from the computer/phone sometimes, btw.)

NY Times, How to be mindful while brushing your teeth

Seriously, being present while brushing your teeth will help you calm down for sleep and also, brush better.

Forbes, Beyond the Brain: Mindfulness for Leaders

Learn about how mindfulness could help you be a more focused and productive leader.

GOOD, The Power of Mindfulness in Unexpected Places

Lululemon’s collective impact manager Alison Murphy is interviewed about the company’s latest drive to bring yoga and mindfulness to communities where the practice is new.

Mindfulness Weekly Review: Quotes and A Mindful Brain

The Week, How Mindfulness Makes Your Brain Happy

A great article on mindfulness and how it affects the way our left and right parts of our brain work together.

Huffington Post UK, Walking – A Simple Way to Practice Mindfulness

Good tips on how to getting started with mindful walks.

WYTV.com, Tim Ryan walks through mindfulness exercises with Youngstown students

Congressman Tim Ryan talked mindfulness with a group of eight grades in Youngstown, Ohio.

Huffington Post Australia, Clever Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Children

Cool infograph on 15 ways to teach mindfulness to kids.

Statesman Journal, An Accidental Approach to Mindfulness

Read about Robert Dyk’s story on how he used his mediation and farming background to develop a mindfulness and conservation routine.

Mindfulness Weekly Review: Boston Harbor and Sherlock Talking

Huffington Post, How Mindfulness Fights Anxiety and Depression

Find out how mindfulness can help with anxiety and depression; includes a short video guided meditation.

Big Think, If You Focus on the Benefits of Mindfulness, is it still Mindfulness?

This article reminds us that even though mindfulness has great benefits, sometimes it’s best to focus on just being mindful and not so much on the benefits.

The New York Times, How to Meditate

An amazing resource for meditation, including definitions of mindfulness, meditation techniques, and different guided meditations.

Daily Mail, Did A Mindfulness App Help Team GB Win Their Most Successful Haul Ever?

The Daily Mail maps out the British athletes that used Headspace and mindfulness to win medals in Rio.

Variety, Trailer of Benedict Cumberbatch-voiced Mindfulness film ‘Walk With Me’

Check out the trailer for ‘Walk With Me.’ a documentary about Thích Nhất Hạnh, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.



Mindfulness Weekly Review: Color Your Calm and Flow States

Check out the latest news in mindfulness below!

Patheos, 7 Characteristics of Flow State and How Mindfulness Brings Us There

This post lists George Mumford’s 7 characteristics of the athletic flow state. Mumford has coached various NBA teams, including the Bulls and Lakers, in mindfulness training.

Huffington Post Blog, 10 Mindfulness and Meditation Questions Answered

Chris LuVogt does a great job of answering these questions about mindfulness, and even includes a guided meditation.

BusinessWire, Humana Adds Mindfulness Program to Wellness Solutions Available to Employees

Press release that goes more into detail about the Humana adding eMindful to its employee wellness program.

JAMA, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

The study finds preliminary positive results that mindfulness improves lower back pain versus usual care.

PopSugar, 4 Things Running Taught Me About Being Mindful

Caitlin Strang over at PopSugar decided to become a runner and along the way learned some things about mindfulness.

Mindfulness Weekly Review: SF Twilight & Police Mindfulness

The Huffington Post Blog, Mindfulness Reduces Stress and Anger in Police

  • Socially beneficial research is emerging showing that mindfulness helps police deal better with stress and anger.

Lion’s Roar, Buddhist Teachings on Mindfulness

  • A nice explanation of how Buddhism influences secular mindfulness. Also includes steps on how to practice mindful meditation.

Life Hacker, Diffuse Arguments with your Partner Through Mindfulness

  • Some quick tips on how to use mindfulness to make disagreements with your partner more productive.

UCLA, Mindfulness Training Helpful in the Recovery of Adults Addicted to Stimulants

  • New research is showing that introducing mindfulness to adult addicts in the early stages of recovery show a decrease in relapse.

BBC News, Could Mindfulness Really Work for Me?

  • A cool webpage that you can click around on to figure out if mindfulness would be useful for you.

Forbes, How Mindfulness Propelled USA Olympic Water Polo Player Merril Moses to the Olympics

  • Merrill Moses, who is 38, turing 39 during the Rio Olympics, uses mindfulness in his water polo training.


Mindfulness Weekly Review: Blade Runners and Brain Change

Hope you read these articles as you take time off from the busy parts of your life. Enjoy!

University of Cincinnati, Study Shows Changes in Brain Activity After Mindfulness Therapy

  • Researchers at the University of Cincinnati ran a study with positive results on changes in brain activity after mindfulness therapy in kids from 9 to 16 years old who suffered anxiety and were at high risk to develop bipolar disorder.

The New Yorker, Poetry for Modern Mindfulness, by Jenny Allen

  • Tongue-in-cheek small poems about mindfulness in our modern day living.

PsychCentral, Therapy #4: Mindfulness – “I learned on a raisin.”

  • Author Lenora Thompson writes about her first therapy session in which her therapist teaches her about mindfulness.

Huffington Post Blog, Boost Your Business and Energize Your Employees: Applying the 4 C’s of Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Learn more about how mindfulness can help bring more calm and creativity into your workplace.

University of Delaware, Mindfulness Camp Enhances Children’s Awareness of Themselves, Others

  • Check out this cool summer camp for children to learn how to practice mindfulness that will help them regulate their emotions as they grow.

Cincinnati.com, Practicing Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Chronic Stress

  • Sian Cotton, PhD, writes about how mindfulness can help reduce chronic stress and includes a mindfulness exercise at the end for you to try!

Michigan State University Extension, Can the Practice of Mindfulness Reduce Unconscious Racial Bias?

  • Interesting summary on research that has been done on how mindfulness can affect unconscious stereotypes. Also includes further reading on the subject.