Breathing for Weight Loss: Legitimate Tactic or Bust?

In the huge rush to lose weight, countless weight loss tactics, tricks, and tools have popped up. From exercise regimens to diet plans to expensive surgeries to pills, there’s a weight loss plan for almost every personality.

And yet another plan that has recently entered the scene is a weight loss plan based on breathing techniques. Read more

4 Ways to Alleviate Stay-at-Home Mom Depression

All new moms tell you how motherhood is the hardest job in the world. But no one tells you how it can be one of the most depressing ones, too. Read more

How to Lower Resting Heart Rate and Protect Your Heart Health

How can you tell if you’re healthy? There are so many indicators you could choose from, including how long you can run, how good you feel, and how much you can lift. But if there’s one health indicator you should really be keeping track of, it’s your resting heart rate. Read more

How to Cope With Post-Surgery Depression

Surgery is a hugely stressful event. There are many factors in play — finances, recovery, the actual operation, physical changes, and more. One important factor that you might not put as much weight on is the stress it puts on your mental health.

We all know surgery can be a high-risk physical endeavor but we don’t always pay attention to the effect it has on our mental well-being. While most follow-ups to the doctor are usually concerned with the physical recovery, it’s also extremely important that we track our mental health condition post-surgery. Read more

How to Check Your Pulse and What You Can Learn From It

Your pulse is the measure of the beat of your heart. What you are feeling when you feel your pulse is blood bursting through your arteries each time your heart beats. At any age, your pulse is a way to gather information on how healthy you are, if you’re stressed, or if you’re pushing hard enough during a workout. Read more

Is Your Child Depressed? How to Look for Signs of Depression in Children

Many assume that children are unable to suffer from depression. They view children as too young and innocent to undergo a complex emotion such as depression. They look at the responsibility-free life of kids and cannot believe that they would be encumbered by mental illness.

The tragic truth is that children, starting from as young as 3, can and do suffer from depression. Read more

How to Get Healthy In 12 Simple Ways

Health is not valued till sickness comes in.” — Thomas Fuller

Health is an important part of life that many of us take for granted. When we’re healthy, we don’t pay attention to how we feel. Only when we fall ill do we usually think about making healthy choices.

But to enjoy good health overall, we need to develop healthy habits that will help put us on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Read more

What Do When You Can’t Sleep: The Perfect Bedtime Routine

You’ve been up for hours counting sheep yet you can’t seem to fall asleep. The night slowly slips by until you are forced to awaken in the morning, exhausted and frustrated. If you’re here now, you’ve decided that enough is enough. Read more

The Simplest Guide on How to Be Healthy

Happiness, health, and wealth are the three great pursuits of the modern person. And while being happy or wealthy won’t necessarily make you healthy, good health certainly contributes to your overall well-being. For someone looking to optimize his or her life, health is a great place to start.

But how to start? Read more

The Hidden Power of Negative Thinking

Life coaches, happiness gurus, and therapists of all stripes say the same thing: feeling happy starts with happy thoughts. They say: think positive! Banish negative thoughts from your mind, and fill it with images of achievements and that sports car you’ve always wanted. While positive thinking certainly has an important role to play in success, it turns out that negative thoughts may play an important role in enabling you to create the life you want. Read more