8 Anxiety Relief Games to Instantly Reduce Stress

Most of us carry around our cell phones like a safety device, relying on them to wake us up, keep us connected with friends and family, get information, and communicate. The multitude of apps on our phones help us do all this, and now they can even help us with our well-being.

This is good news for everyone who generally associates cell phone usage with increased stress levels. Read more

Do You Have Social Anxiety? Take This Social Anxiety Disorder Test

There’s no feeling that’s quite as bad as feeling unloved. Life can be made impossible if you are going around in your daily life feeling nothing but animosity directed towards you.

We all have bad days when we feel this way. You may usual feel fine about others’ perception of you and encounter strangers without too much anxiety or worry. But how can you tell if the bad vibes are more than a just bad day? Read more

8 Non-Scary Halloween Movies to Keep Your Anxiety at Bay

Halloween is coming up, and that means it’s time for some Halloween fun. The candy, the costumes, and the friends are all part of this beloved holiday. And who can forget the scary Halloween stuff that often comes with the package?

But not everyone likes getting spooked. All of those Halloween thrills are sure to make your Spire device go into overdrive sending you notifications to calm down. Out of all of the scary Halloween traditions, horror movies are the worst: They scare you during the movie and often for days after. Read more

Have a Happy Birthday: 4 Ways to Overcome Birthday Depression

Do you get sad on your birthday? Does the thought of cake, cards, and celebration bring you down instead of cheering you up? Sounds like you have birthday depression.

Birthday depression, also called birthday sadness or birthday blues, is feeling sad on and around your birthday. Read more

Put Your Worries to Bed: How to Stop Worrying

Worrying can be a productive way to try to anticipate adverse events and take steps to shore them up. But for many of us, worrying has the opposite effect. We get so caught up in hypothesizing every worst-case scenario that we lose sight of the big picture and find that our mental and emotional energies are completely zapped. For worry warts, the apprehension brought on by worrying can immobilize you. Read more

Facing the Real World: How to Deal With Post Grad Depression

Graduating from college is a Kodak moment in your life. It marks the transition from being a kid to being a full-fledged adult. It can also seem to be a source of relief, as release from studying means a release from all-nighters, stress, and a very tight budget.

As exciting as graduating from college may be, it is a major transition. And as with all major transitions, the change can have some pretty drastic effects on a person’s emotions. You may initially feel a surge of happiness but then be confronted with a painful emotional state: depression. Read more

A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With a Child’s Fear of School

Raising a child hard. It’s made more difficult when a parent’s basic expectations and hopes about their child’s behavior are let down. Parents assume that their kids will engage in certain standard habits, such as eating dinner, sleeping at night, playing with friends, and going to school. A child’s refusal to go to school can be especially perturbing for parents. Read more

How to Help Kids Overcome Their First Day Jitters

The first day of school holds a special place in the memories of families everywhere. For parents, it a potent symbol of a child growing up and moving towards a new stage of life. For a child, it’s often the first set of friends and memories that they’ll make.

But first day jitters are common for kids when facing a new school year. Read more

Natural Anxiety Medication Worth Trying

We’ve all suffered from an anxious thought once in a while — the unpredictable nature of life can bring forth a multitude of worries. But chronic anxiety that comes more often than not can be debilitating and prevent you from living out a full life. Additionally, chronic anxiety can be a sign of a generalized anxiety disorder, damaging stress, and a high risk of depression. These factors are all detrimental to your overall quality of health.

The good news is that anxiety is a treatable condition, and there may be natural options you haven’t yet explored. Read more

The Hidden Power of Negative Thinking

Life coaches, happiness gurus, and therapists of all stripes say the same thing: feeling happy starts with happy thoughts. They say: think positive! Banish negative thoughts from your mind, and fill it with images of achievements and that sports car you’ve always wanted. While positive thinking certainly has an important role to play in success, it turns out that negative thoughts may play an important role in enabling you to create the life you want. Read more