The Story Behind Our Visual Breath Guide

At Spire, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways we can help our users integrate mindfulness into their busy lifestyles– the real-time Breath Guide gives us a really unique opportunity in this area. After listening to your feedback, we realized that putting in headphones during a stressful situation wasn’t always feasible, so we sought to harness the breath visually in the most immersive way we could imagine.

Spire Visual Breath Guide

We've added a new feature to our app. Check out the Visual Breath Guide. Can you use your breath to turn all the dots green?

Posted by Spire on Thursday, January 26, 2017

We aimed to keep the visualization as simple and hypnotic as possible while invoking a subtle sense of motivation and progression. Testing various visualizations including clouds and large organic shapes helped us break up the data into a visually compelling experience.

Here’s an look at one of our earlier prototypes:

Despite being on a digital platform, we strove to create an organic feeling. For us, the “Green Dots” marks beginning of a major step for meditation in the digital age and a new tool to augment awareness to our breath!

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