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People around the world are using Spire to reconnect with their body, be more productive, and sleep better at night.

“Spire is a sleek, beautiful tracker that monitors your breathing patterns and activity to give you a snapshot of how you’re feeling.” -BuzzFeed

Here are some of the reasons why Spire is so popular:

  • Spire vibrates when it detects several minutes of tense breathing. It interrupts the cycle of tension and anxiety and reminds you to breathe deeply.
  • Spire provides a library of guided meditations from world-renowned mindfulness leaders, bringing a sense of calm and control into your daily life.
  • Spire tracks physical activity and provides real-time notifications reminding you to remain active and hit your step goals.
  • Spire is backed by world-class partner institutions working with leading experts (Stanford University, Mayo Clinic) on the respiratory system, digital health and medical/wellness devices.

To reach more people that could benefit from Spire, we’re launching an affiliate program. Anyone that enjoys Spire and wants to earn cash can become a Spire affiliate. Affiliates promote Spire to their social media, blog, or website audience, and in exchange receive a portion of every sale they generate. Below are some of the details of our program:

  • Affiliates can earn commissions up to 8% of each sale
  • Our average order value is $139
  • Our ongoing coupons and promotions improve your conversions
  • We offer a dedicated affiliate team to make your program a success

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