The 6 Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Looking to be a happy, healthier, more mindful version of you in 2017? We’ve assembled a collection of six best-in-class apps and products that will help you make progress on some of the most common New Year’s resolutions.

Resolution #1: Be Less Stressed

1/ Spire Breath Tracker

Starting with our personal favorite, Spire is a mindfulness and activity tracker that tracks your breath as well as your activity. The small device attaches to your pants or bra, and tracks the rate and quality of your breathing. Using this data, you can explore the app to find out how often you are tense, focused, or calm. It also tracks your movement, letting you know when it’s time to get up and move around, take a deep breath, or take a moment of calm. If you’re looking to bring more awareness to your breath, movement, and wellbeing in 2017, Spire is a great tool to get you there.


2/ Calm Meditation App

The benefits of meditation are numerous, but often starting a daily practice is easier said than done. Even the most dedicated of us need a little help and that’s where Calm comes in. Calm offers daily guided meditations for all levels, including options of guided or unguided meditations. They go a step further and also offer unique daily meditations, as well as multi-day programs to help you deepen your practice. You can try it for free or upgrade to a monthly subscription.

Resolution #2: Exercise More

1/ ClassPass Membership

Looking to get more active but dislike repetitive workouts and annoying gym routines? ClassPass offers a monthly membership for users to try a range of fitness studios, so you can get a taste of everything from yoga, to kickboxing, pilates and cycling. It’s a great option for people who want to get moving, mix it up, and explore different fitness options in their city.


2/ Strava for Workout Tracking

If you are lucky enough to live in a moderate climate, or don’t mind braving the elements outdoors this winter, then give Strava a try to track your workouts. Strava tracks the speed, distance, and pace of your bike or run, and allows you to see your progress over time. It has a number of cool features for premium subscribers including allowing you to compete against your personal best in real-time. Even the free version allows you to follow friends around the world or check out athletes in your city that take similar routes. It’s definitely a must-have for someone looking to get in shape.


Resolution #3: Eat Healthier

1/ MyFitnessPal for Calorie Counting

Whether you’re looking to lose weight in the new year, or simply be more mindful of what you’re eating, MyFitnessPal is a great tool to help you bring awareness to your meals. By simply logging your food and portion sizes into a food journal, the app tracks your calories and give you a high level view of your eating habits and nutrition over time. You can also track your exercise to get a sense of calories burned, and while the exact burn may not always be 100% accurate given variation based on intensity and heart rate, it’s a good general estimate. You can give it a try totally free of charge.


2/ Rise for Nutrition Coaching

MyFitnessPal is fantastic if you are diligent enough to track everything you eat, but sometimes health progress requires a bit more accountability. That’s where Rise is effective. Rise pairs you with a nutritionist that reviews pictures of what you eat and make recommendations on how you can make better choices. Rise is very hands-on and personal, and as a result has a high success rate. Rise comes a cost of around $40 a month, but is worth it for people that want that little extra push.

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