6 Relaxing Gifts for People Who Need a Break

Looking for great gifts for those stressed out family members or friends? Or looking for gift ideas for yourself to hint to others (I mean another pair of socks is great, but….)

Look no further! We’ve got your Stress Busting Holiday Gift Guide for your friends, loved ones (or even yourself) right here. Below are our top six gifts that will help you or your friends and family discover a new state of calm.

1 / Spire Breath Tracker

Sure, we might be a little bit biased, but Spire is a mindfulness and activity tracker that, unlike other wearables, tracks not just your activity but also your breath. By attaching the small device to your waist or bra, the technology tracks the rate of your breathing as well as the quality, telling you when you are tense, calm or focused. It also tracks your movement throughout the day, letting you know when it’s time to get up and move around, take a deep breath, or take a moment for some calm. It’s a great gift for those who need to learn how to stay relaxed throughout the day. We even offer couples and family packs a great discount.

2 / Class Card or Membership to Local Yoga Studio

Whether a regular yogi or total newbie, yoga classes are a great gift idea for anyone who needs to relax more. If your loved one is already into yoga and know where they like to practice, or they have mentioned a  specific place they want to try – then great! Definitely get a pass for them there. If they’re totally new to yoga, try to pick a studio close to their home or office, depending on their schedule. Do you think they’d be more likely to head to yoga on their way to work? At lunch? On evenings or weekends? Do some research on yelp about the quality of the studio and kind of yoga taught (ie. classes that are great for beginners, heated studios, very advanced flow classes etc.). Personalize it by picking something that best fits what you think they will love. Using the mindbody app is a great way to find a studio pick up a gift card.

3 / Subscription to a Meditation App Like Headspace

We all need constant reminders to take a step back, deep breathe and find our center calm down. Research shows the many benefits to daily meditation, and making it a part of your daily routine is ideal. What a better way to help that special someone on your list relax, than with a subscription to a meditation app. Our personal favorites are Headspace and Calm, which support a daily routine and rhythm with guided meditations.

4 / Aromatherapy Kit

Scent is a very strong sense for many people, and a great way to encourage a friend or family member to unwind. Whether a candle, bath bomb or essential oils, there are so many ways to experiment with aromatherapy to help reduce stress daily. Lavender is great to support deep sleep, and citrus or peppermint to energize. To make your gift personal, do a little research into what various smells are associated with and/or stimulate, and put some thought into what you think your loved one would love. For a cutting-edge, high-tech option, try a Moodo when they hit stores!

5 / Blue Apron Subscription

If you have a friend or family member on your list that loves to cook but is often too stressed out or time-starved for grocery shopping, this is a great gift. While some people hate cooking, for many time in the kitchen is  an ideal way wind down after a long day. And of course there’s nothing more nourishing than a fresh, home- cooked meal. However a busy, jammed-packed schedule can leave little time for grocery shopping, lengthy food preparation, recipe research and clean-up. Luckily there are meal-kit alternatives, such as Blue Apron, that encourage the fun of cooking without the hassle of grocery shopping. The company will send you boxes filled with all the ingredients and instructions you need to make a delicious and healthy meal in 30 minutes or less, with minimal effort and clean-up. A subscription can make a great gift for a would-be culinary whiz to relax and eat healthy!

6/ Massage gift card

While there are a few exceptions to every rule, almost everyone loves a good massage. Whether deep tissue, thai, swedish, hot stone or therapeutic… there are dozens of kind of massages ideal to help a stressed out friend or family member let go of tension. Try to pick a spa that is convenient for them, and ideally somewhere with rave reviews. Spa Finder is a great way to find a location and pay for services. If you have the time, you can also pop in yourself to grab the gift certificate in person and get a sense of the general vibe. Things like professionalism and cleanliness, even at the front desk, mean a lot!

Bonus: Breathe Salt Rooms

A bonus if you happen to be looking for the perfect gift for someone in the NYC area, give the gift of wellness to your loved ones with a gift certificate to BREATHE Salt Rooms. BREATHE offers relaxing Dry Salt Therapy, a natural treatment for adults and children that is known for detoxifying the respiratory system, healing skin conditions, promoting better breathing, sounder sleep and overall wellness.

For complete total body and mind balance, take advantage of BREATHE’s VITALITY program currently in their pre-order stage, with a total savings of $950. The Program starts in January, just in time to kick start your New Year’s Resolutions.  For more information, visit www.BreatheSaltRooms.com.

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