What I Learned From My First Week With Spire

When our users first try out Spire, there is usually a range of emotional feedback. Below is what a new user learned after her first week with Spire.

I started using Spire about a week ago. It’s been great, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit what I’ve learned so far. My first day of using it was a Thursday, and not a day I thought was particularly stressful. I put the Spire on in the morning, clipped into onto my pants and noticed that I started out the day mostly focused, and calm. But then I was surprised that pretty much the minute I opened my computer, my Spire let me know I was tense. I didn’t feel particularly tense, going through my regular routine of emails, but once I started to pay attention I did notice a tightness in my chest.

I went to a cycling class later in the day during lunch and then went about the rest of my day. When all was said and done and I went to bed, I checked my stats… I had 30 focus minutes, 13 calm minutes and a whooping 101 minutes of tension!! Yikes! On activity I did pretty well, despite my 358 sedentary minutes, I was active for 111 minutes and apparently walked 12,708 steps… not too bad but man oh man does my tension need work!!

Happily that day was the most tense I’ve been, and I’m starting to pay attention to exactly what makes me tense. Checking my emails usually does it, as does sitting in certain stressful meetings. Funny enough doing my *actual* work (which includes writing reports, speaking with clients and brainstorming with colleagues) seems to put me in a “focus” state. Generally meditating as well as conversations with certain friends puts me in a calm state. Some days are more tense than others, but I am trending towards more focus and calm. Already a week in, I’m paying more attention to both the speed of my breathing, as well as “depth” and “quality”. I can feel the difference between calm and focus… and am trying to learn the difference between focus and tension, even though tension usually creeps up on me.

I am liking the Spire a lot, and thinking about getting one for my Mom for Christmas. The best part is, when I wore it with low waisted pants and clipped the spire close to my stomach, the vibration was super ticklish and made me laugh out loud at random times in the office and during meetings. That definitely makes it a stress-buster!

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