Why Are Americans Really Giving Thanks…A Break Before Christmas Stress?

holiday_stress1We like to think of the holiday season as a time to stop, relax, and breathe. The two breaks before the end of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, represent a dedicated time of calm for Americans. But how do the two different breaks really compare in relation to our stress levels?

This year, we took a look back at some anonymous, sample data from 3000 Spire users around the country between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015, and the data not only suggests a huge correlation between holidays and stress– but a huge difference between both turkey-down-time and gift-giving-time…and a possible reason…

In 2015, we saw massive flux in Americans’ stress levels during both events. On Thanksgiving, both men and women experienced 30% less stress and anxiety collectively compared to a normal Thursday. Data suggests and reason predicts that food, family, and a few consecutive days-off-work sure helps.

While that fact may not seem extraordinary, the significance of it compared to Christmas is indisputable, when Americans’ stress levels increased by 5%. The drop in stress-levels between Thanksgiving and Christmas data suggests an unpredictable but compelling correlation:

Do we stress less during Thanksgiving to compensate for the looming, gift-exchanging holiday blues?



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