How to Calmly Vote and Watch the Election Results

This election has caused a great amount of stress and anxiety for most of the American population. However, we can look at this influx of stress as a positive, since it has led us to practice our mindfulness skills to find calm and diffuse tense situations! Below are tips on how to stay calm while in the voting booth and when awaiting the election results.

Research your props and measures beforehand 

If you study the props and measures for your state and county before going to vote, you will be less stressed on voting day. Keep track of how you plan to vote by marking your voter guide with your decisions and take it with you into the voting booth. Preparing beforehand will make voting a quick and informed process.

Walk to your voting place

A walk is a great way to check in with your body and mind. Taking a walk to your voting place will allow you the time to mindfully acknowledge how you feel before placing your vote. This will bring you to a place of calm so you are ready to make your election decisions once you enter the voting booth.

Take screen breaks while watching the results

Watching the election results come in is one of the most fun, and anxiety inducing, parts of the election season! To fight against creating too much stress for yourself as you watch, take breaks from the news and social media to recenter and find calm. When you take those breaks, use them to practice mindfulness by focusing on your breath.

Speaking of focusing on the breath…

When you start to feel your tension rise, or you get your Spire notifying you that you are tense, remember to take a moment to stop and take a few deep breaths.

Good luck to all of us on November 8th!


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