Mindfulness Weekly Review: Sunny City and Strange Meditation

Men’s Journal, How mindfulness meditation can cure disease

Shauna Shapiro talks about her experience using mindfulness meditation to help improve physical health.

Fox News Health, Mindful enjoyment of Halloween chocolate may improve mood

Turns out, if you take your time to eat your Halloween chocolate, as opposed to having it all in one go, you’ll feel more enjoyment from it.

The Guardian UK, Close your eyes and breath: schools sign up to mindfulness

Read up on mindfulness in UK elementary schools.

Reuters, ‘Dr. Strange’ cast inspired by teaching from Buddhist monk on set

Hear Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton speak about how mindfulness was used on the set of ‘Dr. Strange.’

Observer, This is what a mindfulness festival looks like

Check out this mindfulness festival in Miami.

Cultured Vultures, What I’ve learned from one year of mindfulness

Alex Gerard Black writes about his experience after practicing mindfulness for a year.

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