Mindfulness Weekly Review: Cookie Monster and A Mindful Check-In

Collective Evolution, An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn how mindfulness and meditation help you find yourself minus the Ego. 

LifeHacker, Practice Mindfulness with a Daily Check-in 

Three good questions to ask yourself on the daily. 

KQED, Mindfulness and Man’s Best Friend

A dog owner talks about how his dog has brought mindfulness into his life. 

The British Psychological Society, This is what eight weeks of mindfulness training does to your brain

Early research on how the brain changes when people begin to practice mindfulness. 

LifeHacker, The Effects of Four Different Types of Meditations 

A list of four different meditations and their goals. 

Medical Daily, Mindfulness Meditation to Tai Chi: How to Meditate and the Best Meditation Technique for You

Insightful info graph on different meditation and their benefits so you can choose which is the best for you. 

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