Mindfulness Weekly Review: Rainy Days and Sir Richard Branson

Philly Voice, Mindfulness card games: nurturing compassion and peace in our families

In depth look at PeaceMakers, a card game for the whole family to play and learn mindfulness. Also includes an interview with the creator, Suzanne Tucker.

Fox News Health, Meditation linked to lowered stress in prison inmates

When used as the only form of treatment in anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance, transcendental meditation helped prison inmates reduce those negative issues.

The Ticker Tape, Practicing mindful trading and overcoming automatic bad decisions

If you trade on the stock market, learn how to use mindfulness to make better trade decisions.

Huffington Post, Cancer care and the four C’s of mindfulness

Learn how mindfulness can help when we are faced with a difficult health diagnosis.

Mirror UK, Sir Richard Branson admits he practices mindfulness as he shares tips for positive mental health

Want to be as amazing as Sir Richard Branson? Practice mindfulness!

PsychCentral Blog, 5 ways to teach a child to be mindful during an ordinary day

These are some good, easy ways to introduce mindfulness to children.

Shape, Why meditation is the secret to younger, healthier skin

Find out how meditation could help you have better skin.

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