Calm, Focus, or Tense: DMV Edition

Ah, the DMV. It used to be the most dreaded of places on earth for an adult. At least, that’s what I learned from cartoons like The Simpsons, and more recently, Zootopia.

I had to go there to renew my license and I was not looking forward to standing around. The good thing now though, is that you can make an appointment, which in theory should make it quicker to go and renew.

I walk in 10 minutes to 1pm, the time of my appointment, and was met with confusion. Mostly because I didn’t know where to go. Turns out for appointments you still have to get in a number line.

That’s when I could feel the tension start to rise. But, since I now know how to control my breaths, even before my Spire vibrates, I just calmed down and did a few deep breaths.

I got called to the window at about 1:15. I had all my papers so I wasn’t worried about having things unprepared from that side of things. I was, however, a bit worried about the eye exam. Not that I wear glasses or anything, but it’s just a bit of stress when I haven’t done a vision test in awhile.

There was no reason to worry because I nailed it.

I smirked during the photo so also, no worry or stress during that time.

I didn’t want to check my app while I was at the appointment, just in case I got too caught up on breathing and missed my number being called. But when I got back in my car I looked…no tension, all focus and calm.

I attribute the calm streaks to just knowing when to stop the anxiety from coming and breathing. This knowledge comes from practicing mindfulness and wearing my Spire. I don’t want my Spire to vibrate about tension so as I’m learning to identify when my anxiety is rising and then┬ástop and breathe to calm down.


Let us know how Spire helps you learn about what makes you tense and how to deal better with those situations!

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