Mindfulness Weekly Review: Truth Masks and App Reviews

Here is the Mindfulness Weekly Review for the last week of July! Have fun!

CNN – Can an App Make You Mindful?

3 different mindfulness apps are tested, Headspace, Topdeck, and Buddhify, on how well they can make travel less stressful.

Nooga.com – How Mindfulness Helped Me Through the Dreaded Dentist Appointment

Writer Chloé Morrison tells us about using mindfulness to have an anxiety free experience at the dentist.

Huffington Post – How I Stopped Yelling At My Kids and the Surprising Byproduct of Doing So

This is a great post on how the different steps of mindfulness lead to this mom not yelling at her kids.

ESPN – Tom Daley Preparing for the Rio Olympics Using Headspace Meditation App

What it says above, Tom Daley talks about preparing for the Olympics by using Headspace to mediate 10 minutes every morning.

Yahoo Tech – Could An App Make Your Children Happier? 

A quick write up about Headspace’s new meditations for kids.

FastCo – Disrupting Meditation: Can an App Really Teach Mindfulness? 

Another writer trying different forms of mindfulness and meditation. For this piece, the writer tries Headspace (App), Guided Meditation VR (Virtual Reality), and Ancient Dragon Zen Center (in-person meditation).

TheReporter.com – Mindfulness Can Help Transform Social Consciousness

Danette Michelle talks about how mindfulness can help people feel more connected to others and, in turn, enact social change.


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