Mindfulness Weekly Review: Blade Runners and Brain Change

Hope you read these articles as you take time off from the busy parts of your life. Enjoy!

University of Cincinnati, Study Shows Changes in Brain Activity After Mindfulness Therapy

  • Researchers at the University of Cincinnati ran a study with positive results on changes in brain activity after mindfulness therapy in kidsĀ from 9 to 16 years old who suffered anxiety and were at high risk to develop bipolar disorder.

The New Yorker, Poetry for Modern Mindfulness, by Jenny Allen

  • Tongue-in-cheek small poems about mindfulness in ourĀ modern day living.

PsychCentral, Therapy #4: Mindfulness – “I learned on a raisin.”

  • Author Lenora Thompson writes about her first therapy session in which her therapist teaches her about mindfulness.

Huffington Post Blog, Boost Your Business and Energize Your Employees: Applying the 4 C’s of Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Learn more about how mindfulness can help bring more calm and creativity into your workplace.

University of Delaware, Mindfulness Camp Enhances Children’s Awareness of Themselves, Others

  • Check out this cool summer camp for children to learn how to practice mindfulness that will help them regulate their emotions as they grow.

Cincinnati.com, Practicing Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Chronic Stress

  • Sian Cotton, PhD, writes about how mindfulness can help reduce chronic stress and includes a mindfulness exercise at the end for you to try!

Michigan State University Extension, Can the Practice of Mindfulness Reduce Unconscious Racial Bias?

  • Interesting summary on research that has been done on how mindfulness can affect unconscious stereotypes. Also includes further reading on the subject.

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