Mindfulness Weekly Review: Pokémon and Couples Therapy

Summer is in full swing! Take a break from the sun to read some in-depth mindfulness news including easy daily exercises and the history of meditation and Buddhism.

Religion Dispatches, Sit Down and Shut Up: Pulling Mindfulness Up by Its (Buddhist) Roots

  • This is a very thought provoking article on the western demographics of Buddhist practitioners vs. the traditional eastern demographics. It discusses the idea of cultural appropriation through the popularity of mindfulness.

Huffington Post, How Mindfulness Can Help Couples Cool Down

  • Learn how a relationship therapist uses mindfulness to calm down her clients and get them to a place of understanding and not conflict.

The SHRM Blog, Former Monk on Mindfulness in the City

  • A quick but insightful interview with Pandit Dasa, The Urban Monk, about using mindfulness in everyday life.

Vouge Australia, Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Life

  • Three great ways to get started on mindfulness!

Business Insider, One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from con artists

  • Another benefit of mindfulness can be avoiding con artists by helping you be attuned to your emotional experiences.

Huffington Post, Is This Where Your Mindfulness Practice is Going Wrong?

  • Interesting post on how it may be more beneficial to practice mindfulness from a position of self strength and not from a position of fixing a problem.

CBC News, Online Mindfulness Program Receives Praise from UBC Researchers

  • The University of British Columbia researchers have found that a one-month long online based mindfulness program worked to raise workers’ satisfaction, performance and ability to handle stress.

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