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It’s been a bit over a year since Spire officially launched. You’ve been our biggest champions and our greatest sources of feedback on our products. You asked for more personalization, more insights, and better notifications, among other features.

We have been working on the development of the new and improved Spire app…and using your feedback; we’re ready to launch!


When you first open the app, you will notice changes to the overall design and layout. We’ve redesigned the home screen to make it all about the now: Spire users love the Breathwave view from the home screen of the original app. In the new release, we’ve made the Breathwave the focus of the home screen, to show your breath as you inhale and exhale in real-time.


The home screen now also includes your real-time and average breaths per minute. These, along with the Breathwave, will help you identify how your breath is being affected by your state of mind.


Streaks are also displayed more prominently on the home screen as they happen. If you open the app from a notification, that notification lives on the home screen as well, so you don’t miss it.


The home screen now also features quick access to Boosts. You can now identify Boosts with the new headphone icon. Just tap it to enter the Boost section and access the latest and greatest guided meditations from Spire and our partners. By adding Boosts to the home screen, we want you to stay in the moment with your real-time Breathwave and show how your breaths per minute and streaks evolve as you listen.

With a simple flick, you can move down from the home screen into the Discovery Screen. 


We have separated the Activity and Breath streaks so that with a simple toggle, you can switch between views.


When you are in Breath mode, The Discovery screen will show your daily and weekly Focus, Calm, and Tense streaks – it’s similar to scroll down in our old app, but more in depth. With this update, lifetime streak averages and streak minutes per day are clearer and easier to access. The Discovery screen now graphs your weekly streaks for you to easily digest your personal insights and compare your day to day state of mind.

By tapping “See Moments”, you will see that your Streaks now include more context and personalization. Users let us know that they wanted a way to see contributors to their Streaks so they can make lifestyle changes for more positive outcomes. To make this possible, we integrated Calendar, Photos, and Location from your phone, so you can now see what appointments, visuals, and places make you more Calm, Focused, or Tense. You can turn on Integrations by tapping the gear at the top right corner on the app home screen. Then tap Integrations to turn on or off Calendar, Photos, and Location. For Calendar, you can select specific Calendars such as your Work or Personal calendars.


Digging deeper into your day, you can tap on any given Streak and learn more about your breathing in those moments, with breath pattern definitions now included. For example, during a Calm streak, you will most likely have Smooth breathing. During a tense streak, your breathing may be shallow and less frequent. The Streak view will also show your breaths per minute during that period.

We’ve introduced “tagging” into Streaks to remind yourself what you were doing, who you were with, and any other information to help you better understand what affected your breathing during a streak. Think of the tags as a short form diary that you can use to describe your emotional state.


We’ve also made some changes to the Goals section. Instead of Goals for breathing, we have averages per day to help you better understand how you are improving.

However, we know Goals are important for users, so we kept them in the Activity section. To better show your Breath and Activity data, the different sections have been broken out, so the Calendar, Photos, and Locations features are also included in your Activity streaks. The Activity section also includes Sedentary Streaks so you can be more aware of inactive periods of time throughout your day.

With the new design colors, we wanted to give the home screen a more simple design, with no distractions for the user. The overall colors of the new app are softer and more soothing, with bright, warm tones. You may also notice a redesign of the streak icons into abstract symbols that are also quickly identifiable emotional states.

We are very excited to get this new app out to the Spire community! Please reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments to let us know what you think!

App Tutorial Videos:

App Walkthrough

Discovery Screen

New Boost Layout


Configure Integrations

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I ain’t enjoying the activity section as much as I used to. The overall targets for the day and calorie burn are unclear. I really liked knowing how many calories I had burned and visually watching myself achieve the targets with the former filling petal design. Now it’s disheartening as I only see little segments.

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