Calm, Focus, or Tense: Starry Night Puzzle

I work on puzzles during my free time. It’s the best. I don’t need to go out and face the drunk crowds at overpacked, overhyped bars. I just stay in, stream a podcast, and focus in on Vincent van Gogh’s brush strokes on puzzle pieces.

When my friends come over and see the piece I’m working on they always ask me how I can stand it. To them, looking at a 1,000 piece puzzle spread out makes them stressed. They start to question if they will ever be able to finish it. They question the point of it all.

I don’t really get stressed when I think of working on my puzzle. I just think of it as a way to let go of everything around me for an hour or more and instead zone in on this one thing. It’s a great way for me to practice Mindfulness. I focus on this one small piece until I find it’s place. Nothing else matters for a few moments.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed when I stare down at the half finished puzzle taking up part of my bedroom floor. It gets worst the closer I get to finishing the outer edges and the more distinct pieces of the painting. When I look at the swirls upon swirls of clouds I do start to feel myself tense up.

I wanted to test with my Spire if I actually was calm or focused during my puzzle time. So I took a couple of hours to work on my puzzle while wearing my Spire.

As you can see below, it turns out I’m pretty calm when I’m working on a puzzle! While coloring books are becoming big tools to help adults reduce stress,¬†puzzles also have their own mindfulness appeal.

Have you tried to use puzzles to help you destress? Let us know in the comments!

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