Spire Playlist: A Calm Commute – Car Edition

Oh, the grind of the work week! You’ve had a long day at work interspersed with moments of mindfulness in an effort to reduce your stress in the office. Now you are getting ready to get into your car and get home. Unfortunately, lots of other cars stand in your way. You have to deal with traffic and the frustration of idling on the road. Your car radio is the best tool you have to help you enjoy your stunted commute.

For that reason, we created a playlist to help. Check out the first five songs of our A Calm Commute – Car Edition playlist below! All the songs either focus on highways, motorcycles, and cars driving us to our much wanted destinations. They all will, hopefully, help you get calm and appreciate your car on the road.

1. Tracy Chapman – Fast Cars

For me, this song is overall soothing. Tracy Chapman’s voice and guitar come together to give a sense of nostalgia. It’s the perfect song to start a commute; nice and slow at the beginning with the chorus bringing in a bit of rock to get you pumped.

2. Grouplove – Naked Kids

This has to be one of the best indie road songs ever made. Every time I listen to this song, I picture myself and a group of friends driving down the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu to enjoy a beautiful Southern California day at the beach. It’s a song focused on enjoying a perfect day with those close to you. What a great song to remind you that a car can help you experience the best moments of life, not just frustrations!

3. Tom Petty and The Heartbreaks – Runnin’ Down A Dream 

Yeah, you can’t “hit cruise control” or “put the pedal down/to make some time” when you’re in traffic but just visualizing the open road on a sunny day is enough to bring me to a state of calm. This is a great song to rock out and sing along to (if you know the lyrics) while you sit in the slow moving, freeway disfunction. Hopefully the song will be enough to make you “feel so good/like anything [is] possible.”

4. Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run 

Keeping with classic American rock, “Born to Run” should get you hyped up for your commute. The lyrics of this song are all about highways, motorcycles, cars, and moving forward. So even if you feel stuck where you currently are, imagine yourself being carefree and on the road. Bruce reminds you that even if the “highway’s jammed with broken heroes,” eventually you will find your perfect destination.

5. Warren G – This DJ 

The G Funk Era of West-coast Hip Hop had some of the most laid back beats and rhymes in 90’s rap. At the time, Pioneer was one of the most popular stereo systems being added to cars. So thinking of those speakers bumpin’ means that you were just cruising and blastin’ your favorite music loud enough for everyone around to hear. It’s the car culture definition of being present and enjoying the moment with music and friends. Try to transfer this feeling and experience into your own car commute.

We created a full playlist over at the Spire Spotify account. Listen to it during your next commute!

Have other songs that you think should be included in the playlist? Feel free to name them in the comments!


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