5 Outdoor Places to Practice Mindfulness in SF

1. Baker Beach




Baker Beach is still a bit of a locals only spot for people living in and around the Presidio. The views are amazing; you can see the Golden Gate Bridge off to your right. The best time to go to avoid the crowds are late afternoons. Be warned though, the beach is still used by nudist so you may see some not typical beach attire.


2. Ocean Beach 




Ocean Beach is known for being foggy most of the year. However, this makes it a great place to get space for mediation and mindfulness. People will avoid the beach most of the time, unless they live near by. It does get extremely busy when the weather is hot and the fog stays away for the day. Remember to dress for a cool, beach climate if you head out there!


3. Mission Bay Park 




Mission Bay Park has slowly gained popularity but it’s still not as populated as other parks in the city. It over looks a canal flowing in from the SF Bay. There are houseboats that line the water shores and a great walking path along both sides of the canal for people to enjoy. Check out the park administration building to find out about early morning yoga sessions!


4. Crissy Fields 




Super popular but still amazing! Just go!


5. Dolores Park 


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Dolores can be a scene most of the time but if you go early mornings you can have the park almost to yourself. Wake up early! Avoid the park during ANY festive events in the city.


Remember to find a place that will cause the less amount of stress for you. If you’re not a fan of traveling far to practice mindfulness, then stay close to your location. Don’t push yourself too hard! Mindfulness should be enjoyable!


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