Never Mind Who’s Naughty or Nice . . . Who’s Stressed?

Here’s why Spire makes the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list and how it can help each one of them stay calm, relaxed and focused.

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Yeah, yeah, getting those cute homemade cards on Mother’s Day is a smidgeon of compensation for all the stress we’re under, but we won’t ever truly breathe easy until it’s easier to breathe. Moms are uptight from the first day — making sure our baby gains the right amount of weight (and that we don’t!) through the 18th year — making sure they get into the right college. Bonus: Spire will be the the most exciting thing that’s gotten attached to our bra in ages!


Don’t give hardworking Dad just another dull tie or golf-club. He’s waiting with baited breath for the day he can stop worrying about being a breadwinner and actually bake some bread instead. (Ok, maybe Mom is waiting for that day.) In the meantime, help him reduce job and financial stress by 50% when you give him his own Spire.


Did someone you know just finish college? Now they actually have to be what they said they wanted to be when they grow up! The world is about to get awfully real which means they’ll need to take a breather more often now. The new graduate in your life will thank you for an intelligent Spire gift that will improve his mental and physical health exponentially. (And I think they learned an equation for that in college.)


They watch YOUR kids. Need I say more?


Must you always leave a little minty wad of toothpaste in the bathroom sink? It can’t be easy picking up after you, can it now? Give your housekeeper a day off with their very own Spire instead of a holiday bonus $ check and they’ll thank you for letting them catch their breath!


They don’t need any more small electrical appliances (that goes for sex toys too!) so forget about that crock-pot and give the gift that will keep their relationship relaxed and even-keeled.  Starting out a new marriage is challenging enough, but wearing Spire will be like having a mini-therapist clipped to their belt.  From now on, the happy couple’s breathless moments will be strictly voluntary and in the privacy of their own bedroom. (ps. Spire works well there too!)


They’ve weathered through a lot of years of trials and tribulations, so naturally any grandparent will look forward to the Zen-like state Spire is certain to bring them.  But this is also an age where they adore scrutinizing photographs and Spire can provide them with a complete snapshot of how they’re feeling! Gramps and Nana (Okay, what are your grandparents called??) will be completely intrigued, not to mention proud to be keeping up with the techno geeks!


Serious sports participants will really appreciate when they’re in that moment of fierce competition and a familiar buzz reminds them to take a deep breath instead of unproductive short, staccato gasps. They may even come in first place, thanking you for making it all possible with your amazing little gift. This is a win/win situation all around — so be ready to share some trophies!


Any friend or family member that leads much of their daily life on the road is just a jangle of nerves waiting to relax. Traffic, road-rage, accidents, bad news on the radio, and the feeling of being held captive behind a steering wheel for hours on end are enough to stress anyone out. Give them a personal mindfulness coach that’s backed by 7 years of research plus a bumper sticker that proclaims, “I brake for Spire!”

Who else in your life could benefit by the gift of calmer days?

Gift the gift of calm. Click here to buy Spire for your loved ones!



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