Spire Shipping Update – The first pallet of devices are on their way!

Dear Spire Customers and Supporters,

We are excited to inform you that the first pallet of Spire devices was completed and shipped to the U.S yesterday.  Production of the remaining pre-orders is in full swing and will be shipped out in batches over the coming few weeks.

Once the device clear U.S. customs, we will deliver Spire devices in the order they were purchased.  This will begin next Monday.  You’ll receive an email asking for your address a few days before we ship to you.

Finally, the manufacturing delays have given us the time to make a few improvements to the device.  The largest new feature is that the devices you are receiving will be washer-safe.  Accidentally leave a Spire device clipped to a piece of clothing that takes a spin through the washer and drier and it will continue to work without a problem.

Thanks again for your patience and emails and posts of encouragement!  A few pictures of the devices are below.

The first Spire that will be shipped to customers (at the factory):
c625cfa7-b6a6-48af-b5f1-f8c0ab04dece (1)

After assembly, each fully packaged Spire unit is placed along with three other units into cardboard “shippers” for transport:

The shippers are loaded onto a pallet for shipment to our distribution center in LA:
IMG_2962_2 (1)

At the beginning: a tested Spire circuit board, with its serial number, waiting for assembly:

Finally, we’d like to specially recognize Ben Yule, who leads Spire’s hardware development and production and our quality and PM team in southern China for literally working 7 days a week for the past couple of months  – often out of dark hotel rooms near our factories –  to get Spire into production all while refusing to take the easy road and compromise on quality.

[Update: We’ve cleared customs! We’ll start emailing soon]

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