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Dear Spire Customers and Supporters,

We know the shipping delays have been frustrating so we wanted to provide you with another update.

Almost all of the parts for production of our pre-order Spires are now ready for assembly. Of course, as each part is made we carefully check that it is manufactured to our high standards and requirements.  Unfortunately, one key part was not – the vendor made a mistake and used the wrong material!  We’ve had to send it back to be remade.

This mistake unfortunately sets us back a few more weeks. Final assembly will take place towards the end of October. This means that, after being shipped across the ocean and passing through customs, we expect your Spire to arrive in late November before Thanksgiving.

We are completely dedicated to delivering an amazing product to our customers. This is why we could not simply overlook the material error and had to delay to ensure the best product possible.

We are truly sorry. We know the delays are frustrating and we share your frustration. However, we remain excited to bring you a truly great product.

Our team is working night and day to make it happen.

P.S. We have some great photos of the Spire parts waiting to be assembled! Here are some photos as the parts were being made over the last few months:

Here are some of the Spire stones, waiting to have their clips attached:


Clip cutting! Before the clips go through a treatment to harden the metal, the metal is soft, making it easier to cut:

IMG_0185 IMG_0184

The clips go through five different treatments after being cut. Here, the clips are hanging to dry after one of the treatments:


And finally, a preview of the whole product as it comes together. This sample is a great representation of what you can expect to receive in the mail:


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