Apple Watch — A Wearable Startup’s Perspective

Thank you, Apple. Now we can create the experience we’ve always wanted to make.

This doesn’t mean we are going to abandon building wearable hardware. It’s the opposite, now we can build hardware and sensors with even more powerful experiences.

Until now, the only times we could interact with wearable devices like Spire (or Fitbit, or Jawbone, etc.) were those limited occasions when we had access to our smartphones or through the tiny displays on the devices themselves.

But Life is not confined to these moments. Life is continuous, unexpected, and, as Apple said repeatedly today, personal.

Devices like Spire, which capture physiological signals that have never been captured before – in our case breathing patterns and state of mind – are bringing to light data and insights that are deeply personal and contextual. This is why a watch matters so much. A watch is personal. A watch is accessible. A watch fits into the context of our day.

The Apple Watch is limited to the physiological indicators that can be captured at the wrist – activity and intermittent heart rate and skin conductance. But, this is only a small fraction of the core physiological signals that define the human experience. As we build technology that goes on and in our clothing – that peers deep into our body and mind – the real power of the Apple watch display and haptic feedback system is clear.

Let me provide an example:

Spire tracks your state of mind – tension, focus, calm – by measuring your breathing pattern. We’ve found, through the extensive research behind Spire, that a small amount of awareness about these states can have an enormous impact on your day. Right now, to gain this awareness, you open your phone, then open the Spire app. Perhaps you receive a push notification as an alert, then open the app. Pretty standard app interaction, wouldn’t you say?

With the new Apple’s Watch, though, this awareness will be more seamlessly integrated into your day. The few steps necessary to the interaction will dwindle to none. Starting to get tense? Your watch face starts to glow red. Looking to regain focus? Your watch face will help you regulate your breathing. And so on.

The Apple Watch allows more responsive and immersive user experience. Startups like Spire that have developed sensing technologies and experiences that go beyond activity tracking can now create experiences we only dreamed about before.

We can’t wait to start supporting the Apple Watch with Spire!

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