Meet Spire’s Data Guy: Francesco!

Hello all,

I’m Francesco, and I’m Spire’s Chief Data Officer, which basically means anything data related. I’m responsible for algorithms, data pipeline, api design and in general making sure that we reliably collect data and deliver interesting information to our users.

I’m originally from Italy, but I lived in may countries including France, UK, Brazil, and Switzerland. My first encounter with the Bay Area was through Singularity University but I moved to San Francisco to work with Spire. I’ve been with Spire since the early days, when it was pretty much just Jonathan, Neema and I here in SF and a couple of guys in Beijing.

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It’s been a great ride! Seeing the evolution of our data pipeline, building the algorithms that extract meaningful information from raw sensor signals, bringing people in our office to test the devices and help us acquire more data.

One thing I’m very proud of is the Spire Data Acquisition Happy Hours. We organized a bunch of these gatherings, where we invited people to our offices, put Spires on them and kindly invited them to perform various activities while we recorded their data. Obviously it was also a great occasion to meet new people, learn insights on why they were interested in Spire and have some fun together 🙂

The data gathered during our happy hours has been extremely important in the development of our algorithms and maybe in a next post I’ll tell you more about it.

Have a great day,


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