Intern Diary: A Peachy Life


Coffee. Lunch. Trail mix. For most of the past month, this has been my routine of munchies in the office, while I worked on the test framework for production. Though automated assembly is very consistent, the platform I am building will double-check to make sure all the devices work properly. Its different components have led me on a hike from the depth of bit-twiddling, to the heights of python abstraction. On my way, I’ve encountered plenty of elusive bugs in code that took full days to squash. So every few hours, in between bouts of keyboard-mashing or soldering, I’d reach for a handful of chocolate and nuts to clear my mind. Much to my chagrin, as our Instagram followers know, we ran out of M&M’s in our trail mix late last week. 

Luckily, Neema came to the rescue. His friend runs a company that delivers fresh fruit to offices in the SF area, and we received a box of fresh peaches and nectarines this past Tuesday to replace the now-unpopular trail mix. After the switch, my productivity has skyrocketed, as different pieces of the framework began to magically fit together. Perhaps it was time the project wrapped up, but I like to think it was the new diet that brought about the rapid progress. So to end, I’d like to leave you with my take on a well-known adage.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. A peach, helps justify your pay. 


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