Intern Diary: Industrial Design and Boxing

Hey Guys!

This week I am finishing my first month of work at Spire. It’s been a busy but really fun past few weeks since I last wrote. This week I continued working on some of my earlier projects such as dermal tests to prevent skin irritation and industrial design work with the clip. My priority for this week however was building 15 engineering builds for data collection and product testing. By hand building and soldering an army of “baby spires” together, we hope to not only increase the amount of data we receive to improve our algorithms, but also to wear spires ourselves and identify aspects that could enhance the user experience.

Along with exposure to hardware design and practical business knowledge, I picked up new hobbies! Although I was initially skeptical of its effectiveness, I have experienced a much clearer state of mind since incorporating a few moments of meditation in my routine. Meditation aside, I have never been more sore in my life as I have been the past two days since joining a nearby Boxing Club. I look forward to the next month of work where I will continue to work on a variety of exciting projects and hopefully kick ass in the boxing ring!



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