The Goal is Not to “Breathe Better”

Will Spire help me “breathe better”? I’m already breathing!

Several Spire pre-order customers (and soon-to-be customers) have asked how Spire helps improve their productivity and health. Some ask, “Does it help me breathe better?”

To be clear: we aren’t fans of the phrase “breathe better” or related phrases that imply people should breathe a certain way or make people feel inadequate about their breath. Nor do we want to imply that types of breathing make people feel bad. Why? Because it’s like saying you “should” have a certain state of mind or rhythm to your day.

Sure, we know that chronic stress is detrimental to your health and that relaxation has many health benefits, but there is no pre-defined way or formula to live your life or even your day. Even the most calm of us have high and low emotions, ups and downs, tension and excitement. Blaming oneself for these moments doesn’t help nor honor the precious gift of emotions.

People value different things at different times of their lives. For example, if you’re preparing for a presentation, you probably don’t even want to be relaxing – you probably want to focus and get ready (without going overboard and getting stressed out, of course). Following the presentation, you probably will want to have a lot of relaxation time to compensate.

The point is, its your day and up to you to determine what will make you feel and perform at your best. Both being aware of your breathing and finding ways to control it both have positive effects on your overall health and state of mind. Knowing where your breathing patterns are will help you get to where you want to be.


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Spire is dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier lifestyle with an easy-to-use device for mindful breathing techniques. Learn more about the benefits of breath-tracking at




I disagree. Everything about your device is about improving your life and breathing better is part of that.

Yes, it’s our choice on what better breathing means but don’t worry about the FDA or your attorney stopping you from declaring the good news about your product. It will help us breathe better.

Hi Mark. Thanks for your message. What we’re trying to communicate is the importance of breath awareness and how it can improve your health and your daily activities. For each area of your life, your breathing patterns may be different, depending on the activity. We don’t want to tell people their breathing patterns are “wrong.” We want them to be aware of their breath help people learn how to use their breath to their advantage.

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