Spire IRL: World Cup takes our breath away (literally!)

We all know the phrase, “took your breath away.” We wanted to see how that applied to the World Cup.

Breathing patterns change according to your state of mind, extending from tension to excitement. Here at the Spire office, we’ve been pretty excited about the World Cup. We’ve got fans rooting for Italy, U.S., and Iran. As you can imagine, it’s been a flurry of emotion for us, though that emotion has primarily been disappointment. (Womp womp.)

Our office is an open, co-working space, with Spire’s space on the mezzanine, overlooking a cafe. Over the last few weeks, folks from Spire and other companies in the space have been gathering in the cafe, watching the games, and cheering on their favorite teams. The excitement has not only been audible, it’s been palpable. So, we decided to see what was happening to people’s breath at key moments during important games. We geared up a few fans by having them wear Spires, and watched as their breath, excitement, and tension fluctuated throughout the games.

First, we looked at the U.S.’s last game vs. Belgium. A bit after halftime, the U.S. had a golden opportunity to take the lead after being tied at 0-0 for quite some time. Here’s what happened to two U.S. fans sitting next to each other as we ALMOST took the lead:


Both fans held their breath, hoping the U.S. could squeeze the ball by the Belgium goalie, and… ended up a bit deflated when that goal didn’t materialize. It was, more or less, a bummer.

But then came the notorious Brazil vs. Germany game. Here’s the graph from one viewer who was completely certain Brazil was going to win. There was no way, in his mind, that Germany even had a chance. See how the game goes from boring to intense for him very quickly, as Germany scores two back-to-back goals in about one minute’s time:


Germany went on to score a total of 7 goals in the match. Needless to say, these fans’ breathing got quite a workout.

We’re staying excited as the World Cup watching will continue here at the Spire offices!

This is our 2nd Spire IRL post. If you missed the first one, check it out! Got an idea for a Spire IRL post? Please email us at hello@spire.io.

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