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Today we hit one of the huge milestones for a hardware company: we started making the production molds for our product. Essentially, this means we have begun setting up our manufacturing assembly line. There is no going back now!

This is the reason we’ll start taking pre-orders on June 17th: we know how, when, and for how much we can make each Spire. We don’t believe in selling a product we aren’t 100% sure we can make.

Going from a prototype design to a design that passes DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is one of the most difficult steps for a new hardware products. Every tiny little detail that you were able to overlook in the prototype stage – from a screw not fitting in exactly the right angle, to how the battery is fastened down, to an angle in our industrial design that is impossible to mold – comes back to bite you when doing DFM. Spire was no exception.

We’re confident we’ve got it right. Over the next six weeks our molding partner is going to take a few large blocks of steel and begin carefully carving – using a precise computer controlled drill – the shape of Spire. These will become the molds.

Each Spire has over 120 components in its tiny stone and we went through over 80 design iterations to pass DFM – carefully and intentionally figuring out where each component fits, how we will assemble them in place and what will provide the best user experience.

However, I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve managed to do this without compromising on our vision for functionality, user experience, and design. We still have beautifully designed parametric curves throughout, we have the most advanced sensor package with wireless charging, and a gorgeous medical grade stainless steel clip.

The team and I couldn’t be more excited for what tomorrow, and the next 6 weeks, will hold. Thanks for sharing our journey with us.



static.squarespace-1   Jonathan Palley is cofounder and CEO of Spire. You can follow him on Twitter @JPalley.

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