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By monitoring breathing, Spire brings insight to a user’s entire day by measuring streaks of focus and periods of tension while also offering accurate information on physical activity.

San Francisco – June 17, 2014 – Changing the way technology helps people be healthier and productive, Spire today announced the first wearable that tracks both physical movement and state of mind. Spire is the only activity tracker that measures breathing patterns which reveal periods of tension, relaxation, and focus. It provides push notifications and real-time activity recommendations to help users have a balanced and focused day.

“Breathing patterns are incredibly sensitive to state of mind. Spire measures over 10 characteristics of each breath cycle to assess levels of stress, focus, and more,” said Neema Moraveji, Ph.D, Spire co-founder and chief product officer. “Spire is like a weather app for your day – giving you insight into your different states of mind along with fitness data.”

“We created Spire to address a significant hole in the marketplace. Many activity tracker owners have grown dissatisfied that their device ignores 86 percent of their day by tracking only movement” said Jonathan Palley, Spire co-founder and chief executive officer. “Whether in the gym, at work, or commuting in a car, Spire empowers users to perform their best throughout the entire day.  The key breakthrough of using respiratory patterns to measure state-of-mind is that it allows us to provide feedback that is easy to understand and act upon.  It’s advanced science mixed with common sense.”

Elegantly designed and lightweight, Spire is worn on the hip or torso.  The device senses activity, body position and breathing and is based on years of research capturing and using breathing signals. The Spire app goes beyond displaying data by notifying the user about notable events – a tense 30 minutes at work – and offers guided activities that shift state of mind such as a breathing exercise or a relaxing walk.  Featuring a 7-day battery, Spire charges wirelessly using the Qi wireless charging standard and includes a charging pad elegantly designed to accent any room or home. The companion app is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen, and newer versions of each.

Shipping in September, Spire will retail for $149.99 but is available at a discount today, June 17, 2014, for a limited pre-order.

Spire was founded by Neema Moraveji, Ph.D, Director of Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab and Jonathan Palley, technology entrepreneur who previously started and sold a big-data company based in Asia. Spire’s core team also includes alumni of Qualcomm, Microsoft and Singularity University. Investors include Rock Health, Stanford University’s StartX and angel investors with deep backgrounds in hardware and health.


About Spire
Spire is the first wearable that monitors movement and state of mind throughout the day. By measuring breathing patterns, Spire displays the user’s state of mind and can prompt them when a change in breathing would benefit well-being or health. With a patent on respiratory sensing without requiring skin contact, Spire can be worn easily on the hip or torso and charges wirelessly. Spire is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information visit

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Spire is dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier lifestyle with an easy-to-use device for mindful breathing techniques. Learn more about the benefits of breath-tracking at



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