8 Anxiety Relief Games to Instantly Reduce Stress

Most of us carry around our cell phones like a safety device, relying on them to wake us up, keep us connected with friends and family, get information, and communicate. The multitude of apps on our phones help us do all this, and now they can even help us with our well-being.

This is good news for everyone who generally associates cell phone usage with increased stress levels. Read more

Do You Have Social Anxiety? Take This Social Anxiety Disorder Test

There’s no feeling that’s quite as bad as feeling unloved. Life can be made impossible if you are going around in your daily life feeling nothing but animosity directed towards you.

We all have bad days when we feel this way. You may usual feel fine about others’ perception of you and encounter strangers without too much anxiety or worry. But how can you tell if the bad vibes are more than a just bad day? Read more

8 Non-Scary Halloween Movies to Keep Your Anxiety at Bay

Halloween is coming up, and that means it’s time for some Halloween fun. The candy, the costumes, and the friends are all part of this beloved holiday. And who can forget the scary Halloween stuff that often comes with the package?

But not everyone likes getting spooked. All of those Halloween thrills are sure to make your Spire device go into overdrive sending you notifications to calm down. Out of all of the scary Halloween traditions, horror movies are the worst: They scare you during the movie and often for days after. Read more

How to Fall Asleep Instantly: Five Tricks to Train Your Mind to Sleep

Many of us have probably experienced the terrible feeling of going to bed after a tiring day and finding ourselves unable to fall asleep. Instead of a good night of sleep, we are faced with a frustrating feeling of restlessness, even if our bodies are exhausted.

It’s disheartening because we all know the importance of sleep. Not getting enough of it means we’ll have little to no energy to tackle the problems of the next day.

Yet 40 percent of Americans report that they suffer from poor sleep. Read more

4 Ways to Alleviate Stay-at-Home Mom Depression

All new moms tell you how motherhood is the hardest job in the world. But no one tells you how it can be one of the most depressing ones, too. Read more

How to Lower Resting Heart Rate and Protect Your Heart Health

How can you tell if you’re healthy? There are so many indicators you could choose from, including how long you can run, how good you feel, and how much you can lift. But if there’s one health indicator you should really be keeping track of, it’s your resting heart rate. Read more

How to Cope With Post-Surgery Depression

Surgery is a hugely stressful event. There are many factors in play — finances, recovery, the actual operation, physical changes, and more. One important factor that you might not put as much weight on is the stress it puts on your mental health.

We all know surgery can be a high-risk physical endeavor but we don’t always pay attention to the effect it has on our mental well-being. While most follow-ups to the doctor are usually concerned with the physical recovery, it’s also extremely important that we track our mental health condition post-surgery. Read more

Control Stress and Conquer Anxiety With Alternate Nostril Breathing

When you are feeling stressed, sad, or frustrated, one of the first things you want to do is regain control over your emotions. After all, the best way to deal with a situation is calmly and rationally — two things that are hard when your reasoning skills are being overtaken by strong emotions. But what’s the fastest and most effective way to regain control? The secret, used by top personalities including Hillary Clinton, is in your breath. Read more

How to Check Your Pulse and What You Can Learn From It

Your pulse is the measure of the beat of your heart. What you are feeling when you feel your pulse is blood bursting through your arteries each time your heart beats. At any age, your pulse is a way to gather information on how healthy you are, if you’re stressed, or if you’re pushing hard enough during a workout. Read more

How to Use Breath Control Exercises to Relieve Stress

Breath control — it’s not just a vocal technique for professional singers or a term reserved for yogis. It’s an effective and important tool that helps us reset our internal systems after experiencing stress. Read more