How to Make Yourself Sleepy: Try These Relaxation Methods

After a long day, we all look forward to getting into bed and heading off to dreamland. We need sleep for our health — it gives our minds and bodies a chance to recover and reset.

Some people can fall asleep with no problem.

But for others, falling asleep quickly is very hard to do. Read more

Is Your Child Depressed? How to Look for Signs of Depression in Children

Many assume that children are unable to suffer from depression. They view children as too young and innocent to undergo a complex emotion such as depression. They look at the responsibility-free life of kids and cannot believe that they would be encumbered by mental illness.

The tragic truth is that children, starting from as young as 3, can and do suffer from depression. Read more

Yoga For Stress Relief: 5 Easy Poses to Relax

What if there was a solution to your stress that has reduced pain and anxiety for countless people across the world for centuries? What if that solution also helped you to stretch your tense muscles and tap into a higher level of awareness in your body at the same time? Yoga is a stress relief solution many have heard of but few have tried. Read more

Breathing Techniques for Running: The Best Methods

Running is a great form of exercise and meditation in motion. It requires no equipment — just a pair of reliable sneakers and your body. All you have to do is choose where you want to run and, after a warm up, you’re on your way.

What most beginner runners (and some more experienced runners) might not know is that there is another important factor that affects your quality of run.

It’s your breathing pattern. Read more

Facing the Real World: How to Deal With Post Grad Depression

Graduating from college is a Kodak moment in your life. It marks the transition from being a kid to being a full-fledged adult. It can also seem to be a source of relief, as release from studying means a release from all-nighters, stress, and a very tight budget.

As exciting as graduating from college may be, it is a major transition. And as with all major transitions, the change can have some pretty drastic effects on a person’s emotions. You may initially feel a surge of happiness but then be confronted with a painful emotional state: depression. Read more

6 Relaxing Activities to Prevent or Relieve Stress

Everyone knows how to work and stress out, but do you know how to relax? Read more

A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With a Child’s Fear of School

Raising a child hard. It’s made more difficult when a parent’s basic expectations and hopes about their child’s behavior are let down. Parents assume that their kids will engage in certain standard habits, such as eating dinner, sleeping at night, playing with friends, and going to school. A child’s refusal to go to school can be especially perturbing for parents. Read more

How to Get Healthy In 12 Simple Ways

Health is not valued till sickness comes in.” — Thomas Fuller

Health is an important part of life that many of us take for granted. When we’re healthy, we don’t pay attention to how we feel. Only when we fall ill do we usually think about making healthy choices.

But to enjoy good health overall, we need to develop healthy habits that will help put us on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Read more

What Do When You Can’t Sleep: The Perfect Bedtime Routine

You’ve been up for hours counting sheep yet you can’t seem to fall asleep. The night slowly slips by until you are forced to awaken in the morning, exhausted and frustrated. If you’re here now, you’ve decided that enough is enough. Read more

Combat Breathing: Use the Same Breathing Techniques as Soldiers

Special force SWAT teams, police officers, and Navy SEALs are consistently involved in high-stress situations. They serve, protect, and are often the first ones in the line of fire. In fact, these jobs could be considered as some of the toughest jobs in the world.

In the midst of these critical situations where split-second decisions have to be made under immense pressure, how do they fight the stress reaction and maintain control?

They employ a little tactical breathing. Read more