How to Help Kids Overcome Their First Day Jitters

The first day of school holds a special place in the memories of families everywhere. For parents, it a potent symbol of a child growing up and moving towards a new stage of life. For a child, it’s often the first set friends and memories that they’ll make.

But first day jitters are common for kids when facing a new school year. Read more

Natural Anxiety Medication Worth Trying

We’ve all suffered from an anxious thought once in a while — the unpredictable nature of life can bring forth a multitude of worries. But chronic anxiety that comes more often than not can be debilitating and prevent you from living out a full life. Additionally, chronic anxiety can be a sign of a generalized anxiety disorder, damaging stress, and a high risk of depression. These factors are all detrimental to your overall quality of health.

The good news is that anxiety is a treatable condition, and there may be natural options you haven’t yet explored. Read more

The Simplest Guide on How to Be Healthy

Happiness, health, and wealth are the three great pursuits of the modern person. And while being happy or wealthy won’t necessarily make you healthy, good health certainly contributes to your overall well-being. For someone looking to optimize his or her life, health is a great place to start.

But how to start? Read more

How Does Breathing Change During Exercise?

There’s nothing like a sprint to the bus stop to remind you of just how quickly you can change your state of mind and body.

One moment, you’re strolling along towards your regular stop. It’s morning and you’re still feeling sleepy. Suddenly, you see your bus rushing towards your stop earlier than normal. Fear and anxiety mount as you calculate that if you don’t rush, you’ll be missing your bus be late for work.

Almost instantly, your mind sharpens and your muscles feel invigorated as you sprint towards the stop and arrive in time to slip through the doors as they close. Read more

7 Books To Help You Discover Calm and Wisdom

Discover calm while breathing, discover wisdom while reading with these book recommendations from the Spire Wellness Team.

These are just a few of our favorite books that share knowledge on how to live a happier, healthier life. Read more

The Hidden Power of Negative Thinking

Life coaches, happiness gurus, and therapists of all stripes say the same thing: feeling happy starts with happy thoughts. They say: think positive! Banish negative thoughts from your mind, and fill it with images of achievements and that sports car you’ve always wanted. While positive thinking certainly has an important role to play in success, it turns out that negative thoughts may play an important role in enabling you to create the life you want. Read more

A Guide to Proper Breathing Techniques

Breathing is something we rarely think about. It was our first natural action at birth and it happens automatically: Air comes into our lungs and air comes out. But breathing can also have a substantial impact on our mental and physical health. Read more

The Most Profound Stress Quotes

In today’s high-pressure world, it’s easy to sweat the small stuff and let stress levels get out of hand. Stress is one of the most common and pervasive mental health problems in our society. Its effects range from mild emotional discomfort to severe health issues.

Of course, stress isn’t all bad. It’s often that extra push we need to hit the next deadline or finally get the house organized. But stress can be harmful when there’s too much of it with no pause for relaxation. Read more

Mindful Breathing In 7 Easy Steps

As you read this article, you are breathing. Without a thought, you are expanding your rib cage, letting in a full breath of air, filtering the air, and delivering oxygen to your cells. Incredible, isn’t it? And yet most of us don’t think about our breath.

Indeed, taking time to contemplate is a luxury. With constant demands on our time — kids, work, social life — it seems impossible to sit down and do nothing but think. Read more

What Causes Anxiety? Your Complete Guide to Anxiety Triggers

Despite the fact that 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders, anxiety doesn’t have an easily traceable cause. Like many mental health issues, anxiety is still something that is being figured out.

But there are several theories on how and why anxiety disorders come about. By having a better understanding of where anxiety comes from, you can learn the root cause of your anxiety and yank it out. Read more