The Story Behind Our Visual Breath Guide

At Spire, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways we can help our users integrate mindfulness into their busy lifestyles– the real-time Breath Guide gives us a really unique opportunity in this area. After listening to your feedback, we realized that putting in headphones during a stressful situation wasn’t always feasible, so we sought to harness the breath visually in the most immersive way we could imagine. Read more ›

Too Busy for Daily Meditation? Do This.

You’re busy. You go from meeting to meeting, then to your workout, then out with friends. It’s hard to carve out time to meditate. We all know mindfulness has proven benefits, but how do we go about fitting it into our normal everyday hectic lifestyles? Below are four tools you can use to squeeze meditation into even the busiest of schedules. They’re ordered by the amount of time they take, from shortest to longest, and they’ll all help you boost productivity, establish calm, and live your best self.   Read more ›

Share Spire, Help People & Earn Cash

People around the world are using Spire to reconnect with their body, be more productive, and sleep better at night.

“Spire is a sleek, beautiful tracker that monitors your breathing patterns and activity to give you a snapshot of how you’re feeling.” -BuzzFeed

Read more ›

What It’s Really Like to be a Spire User

Want to know what using Spire is *really* like?

Here at Spire we love what we do, and hear all the time how we’re changing people’s lives for the better, helping them become calmer, more present and aware of their breath. Below are some stories from users about how Spire has helped them, and how they are using the tool in their everyday lives. Read more ›

What I Learned From My First Week With Spire

When our users first try out Spire, there is usually a range of emotional feedback. Below is what a new user learned after her first week with Spire.

I started using Spire about a week ago. It’s been great, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit what I’ve learned so far. My first day of using it was a Thursday, and not a day I thought was particularly stressful. I put the Spire on in the morning, clipped into onto my pants and noticed that I started out the day mostly focused, and calm. But then I was surprised that pretty much the minute I opened my computer, my Spire let me know I was tense. I didn’t feel particularly tense, going through my regular routine of emails, but once I started to pay attention I did notice a tightness in my chest. Read more ›

Finding the Right Spire Fit

The Spire Stone has been carefully designed to be worn comfortably on any body shape. Try wearing Spire in different places to see what’s most comfortable for you.

  1. On your waist

Put Spire on your pants near your first belt loop. The stone should be facing your body, but does not need to have skin contact. How does that feel?

  1. Move it along your waistband

If your Spire feels too bulky around your first belt loop, try placing the device on different points along your waist.

If it’s too close to your hip bone, move it towards the center. If it’s uncomfortable when worn near the center, push it to the side, towards your hip bone.

  1. (For women) On your bra

If you prefer to wear Spire on your bra, you can wear it in the center or on the side of your bra, under your arm.

How Spire Tracks Activity